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iOS 9 will be able to predict your touching the screen

iOS 9 has received some small but very interesting improvements. One such innovation was intelligent Proactive Assistant that complements Siri. They will study the behavior of the user during the day and offer him the application or the content in the time that it considers most appropriate. For example, if the user three times a week goes to the gym and puts on his headphones at a certain time, then it is the time Proactive will launch for his “energetic music for training”.

As it became known, smartphones and tablets on iOS 9 will also learn to anticipate clicking on the display before people touch them. In the list of frameworks developers have discovered a new tool called UIKit. His description shows that iOS 9 will study the behavior of users in different applications and to predict their depression.

“Function provides access to the intermediate taps, which can happen since the last screen update with regard to the anticipation of the next touch,” reads the description of the framework.

According to observers, iOS 9 will be able to predict where the user clicks next time to preload the necessary processes. This will reduce the time to perform this action. For example, if a person enters a submenu of settings, the system immediately calculates all possible variants of development of events and prepare for the fact that the user decides to return one step back, thus reducing the execution time of this task.

Recall that iOS 9 will work on all devices that supported iOS 8 – which means that the update will receive all the iPhone and iPad, including the iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Apple promised that the platform will require no more than 1.3 GB of memory. The device is on iOS 9 increased by approximately 1 hour and is also available mode of conservation of charge, which will increase the autonomy of your smartphone or tablet about 3 hours.

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