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How to tell Apple about the bugs and shortcomings in iOS 10 beta

On Thursday, Apple launched a public beta testing iOS 10. To participate in the test, can any user with an iPhone and iPad by downloading the test version of new OS by using a digital certificate company.

The beta test is not fully open – in order to participate in the program, you need to be among the first 100,000 people who register on the Apple website and expressed a desire to become beta testers.

According to the developers, iOS 10 is the most major update of the operating system of the company. It provided at least ten significant innovations which relate to the lock screen, notification Center, voice assistant Siri, iMessage, keyboard, notifications and standard applications.

In addition in the iOS beta 10 pre-installed new app Feedback – “feedback Assistant”. With it, Apple collects user feedback about the operating system. How to tell the company about the detected error or fault, the next in our instruction.

How to tell Apple about the bug in iOS 10 beta:

Step 1: If you found iOS 10 an error or fault, if possible take a screenshot of the screen. To do this, hold both the Home button and power. Pictures are stored in the standard Photo app.

Step 2: Run the Feedback application from the desktop (icon with an exclamation point).

Step 3: If you opened the program the first time, enter the settings for your account Apple ID and password, which you registered in the test program.

Step 4: Now select the area of the problem under Basic information, provide information about the error, the scope of the problem, how often it occurs and in detail describe the problem. The text can be in English and in Russian.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Add image or video” to add the screenshot that you created in Step 1.

Step 6: After the demand is made, press the top button to Send.

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