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The first reviews of the iPhone 7 the best smartphone, but without the “wow-effect”

So, this is it. The new iPhone is presented, he just carries the serial number 7, not risen, and even not really changed. Upgrade of Apple’s line of smartphones for the past five years that have passed since the death of Steve jobs, causes a wide global resonance. It so happened at this time. Immediately after the presentation, some American editions of the tests received from Apple copies of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Today, the company lifted the embargo on reviews. As a new iPhone IT took the foreign press, found MacDigger.

From the beginning of the presentation, Apple went with the “trump card” — all the new chips were shown on the iPhone 7 in the color “black onyx”. Like glass, glossy metal has fascinated many. This version looks really impressive, but after living Dating option in matte black seemed much more practical solution.

According to the columnist Engadget, black glossy iPhone 7 scratched in the first 24 hours”, even with careful use. However, many of the journalists managed to get acquainted with the device, noted that “onyx black” that looks truly black, whereas the second option is rather dark gray.

The button under the display become touch, in terms of benefits did not disappoint. A slight vibration will let you know about triggers of depression. Although not all fans of mechanical keys such decision seemed comfortable. According to CNet reviewers, though button was more functional, tactile touch-option does not replace the traditional one. The Verge noted that the button is quite difficult to get used to.

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Among the important improvements noted by the journalists in the iPhone 7 – updated the display of the iPhone 7. Screens new smartphones differ expanded color gamut and higher brightness. It is difficult to assess after a few minutes of using the device, but now the colours appear as realistic as possible. According to Engadget said that the screen of iPhone 7 is visibly brighter, but not much difference in color reproduction, the reviewers did not notice. In The Verge on the contrary praised the new “warmer” display in the new Apple smartphones. Unfortunately, third-party applications do not use the wider color gamut of new displays.

As for performance, the iPhone 7, according to the journalists, literally “flies”. The performance of smartphones provides a new Quad-core A10 Fusion. Through the efforts of the new chip iOS interface works smoothly, web pages load lightning fast in Safari as third-party games and applications. Reviewers Engadget praised the work of the processor, noting that due to the A10 Fusion phone began to work longer offline.

Praised by journalists and dual camera the iPhone 7 Plus. Use 2 x optical and 10x software zoom is not easy at first, the interface seems complicated and confusing, but it is rather a matter of habit. However, images obtained with the approach of really high quality — ability to take two photos with different distance from the object much relished. Unfortunately, the function of the background blur in portraits Apple has not “turned on”.

In Engadget and CNet believe that the quality of images the iPhone 7 was on the same level with the Galaxy S7 and Note 7. In the dark photos taken on Samsung smartphones appear brighter, and the iPhone 7 — more saturated. At The Verge also praised the iPhone’s camera 7, calling them a step forward compared to the iPhone 6s.

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Among the shortcomings of the new Apple smartphones, the journalists said that the relatively bulky body of the iPhone 7 Plus and the lack of a standard audio Jack. According to observers The Verge, due to the large frame around the screen 5.5-inch Apple smartphone is still inferior in size even to devices with larger displays (for example, the same Galaxy Note 7). As for abandoning the 3.5 mm input, the journalists believe that this step only needs to push the headphone manufacturers to mass care side wireless models.

Most observers agree that the iPhone 7 came out decent unit, although it is hardly a big step forward. “Wow-effect”, typical of earlier models, the device is not felt. “A curved screen? No. Wireless charging? How. Does it bother you that new iPhone looks the same as last year? Well, I understand you. iPhone 7 is not felt as something completely new… on the other hand, it is still the best? Certainly,” concluded CNet.

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