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American accused Apple of stealing web the carousel on its website and demanded compensation

Inventor Thomas Lits of Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against Apple, which, according to plaintiff, had stolen the idea for the web carousel. According to him, he received a patent for such a display of content on the sites in 2008. Of lits demanded from the company payment.

The disputed patent number 8793330 called “Methods and systems of displaying information that describes the output web page data from the server. We are talking about the looped images on the web that automatically follow each other.

At the moment the front page of the official online consists of four continuously successive banner advertising the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Apple Watch and MacBook. Of lits is convinced that it is stealing his ideas, so he considers necessary compensation for plagiarism by Apple.

It should be noted that the claim of the enterprising American is not the first recent. In late June, a resident of Florida named Thomas Ross has filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming that the iPhone was invented much earlier than her. The inventor presented to the court their drawings Dating back to 1992, and intends to prove that it was he, not Steve jobs, invented the revolutionary on the market the latest technology device.

Thomas Ross unlike Litzy has determined the amount of compensation. For stealing ideas it requires Apple to pay him at least $10 billion, claiming it suffered “substantial and irreparable injury which cannot be fully compensated and is not measured by money.” It also requires him to pay 1.5% of sales in royalties.

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