The humpbacked and ugly iPhone shocked people. Video & nbsp

The video, which shows the models of the new iPhone, posted on its YouTube channel video blogger Marquez Brownlee. He showed three devices, naming them conditionally iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone 11R. Users in the comments rated the design of possible new Apple products quite ambiguously, but mostly negative.
Before the traditional presentation of Apple, where new models of gadgets will be demonstrated, there are still about two months. But the network has already leaked the drawings of new iPhone models. On their basis, even covers have already been created, on the basis of which blanks for future smartphones from Apple were made.

Marquez Brownlee showed a model iPhone 11 with a small “hump”. Under this unusual protruding part hides the photo module. And in the iPhone 11, and in its enlarged version of the iPhone 11 Max there will be as many as three lenses (actually, who might be surprised at this time?). Capturing a frame with a large viewing angle will allow additional extra-wide-angle lens.
The iPhone 11R should be more affordable. He, too, "will give" square "tile-hump." There will be two lenses, not three. But this is progress, because in the current iPhone XR only one 12-megapixel sensor.
Judging by the review, the new models will differ little from those of last year. The diagonal of the screen seems to be the same, the “bangs” will not be removed anywhere. Unfortunately, the Brownley video does not say whether the new iPhone will have frosted glass and the promised redesigned silent mode switch.
“This is the ugliest thing I've ever seen in my entire life, and in fact I have to look in the mirror every day,” the design of the future iPhone was appreciated by user Alex C.

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“Damn, this is ugly. You just look at that! Apple lives in a world of its own, ”Sahil Mhatre agreed.
“You say it is ugly and that you do not buy it. But you still get it, ”Ffs is convinced.
“The iPhone looks like it’s growing a huge malignant tumor on its back,” Lookatcha expressed her opinion.

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