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How does protection from tracking in Safari

In iOS and macOS 11 10.13 Apple has added intelligent tracking protection. The function of prohibiting advertisers to monitor users.

Surely everyone at least once faced the situation when their search queries used by advertisers too Intrusive. For example, when a person searched the Internet for a new smartphone, and over the next weeks on all sites it was surrounded by advertising banners with this smartphone. This is called tracking, i.e. tracking. Advertisers try to show visitors relevant ads.

Apple has decided to combat such behaviour by advertisers and have developed a new function of protection against tracking in Safari. Because of it many sites have started to lose money and hate Apple.

To understand how this system works, you must understand how advertising works on the Internet and cookie. Cookies are data from sites that are stored on the user’s device. For example, save the username and password, so you don’t have to enter it every time accessing a particular resource.

It looks like the request to save a Cookie, which can often be found on foreign websites

These cookies are useful. They are safe and work for the good of the user. But there are third-party cookies that advertisers have learned to exploit. Once a person leaves the website, the data collected are analyzed and turn into a plague banners and ad units.

Apple has implemented in iOS and macOS the function that automatically tracks the cookies and deletes them after 24 hours after creation. That is already a day later shadowing by the user is terminated. And ads that he sees on the Internet becomes neutral, unrelated to his previous search queries.

Thanks to a new system of protection against tracking Apple not only helps to get rid of the Intrusive banners, but also protects user privacy, permanently erasing the traces of human presence in the Internet.

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