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With this accessory, you can forget about falling from the hands of iPhone

One of the worst nightmares of your iPhone comes to life when your smartphone slips out of your hands. Despite the fact that Apple continuously enhances the body of their devices, the result of a failed landing almost always be scratches, chips and broken screen.

To prevent unnecessary feelings of users and to extend the life of smartphone in good condition, the developers of Torras presented an interesting accessory in the form of a ring .

Stand from Torras in the form of a ring attached on the back cover of iPhone, iPad, any other smartphone, or tablet, and can be used to install the gadget in a vertical position for watching videos, playing games, or video conferences. For convenience, the ring is rotated around its axis, allowing you to set the smartphone at any angle. However, its main task — to hold the gadget in the hand of the owner. Because now you don’t need to ensure that the smartphone does not slip out of hands. The ring worn on the finger, it locks securely, leaving hands free.

Ring from Torras made of quality material. It fastens securely, does not slide under the weight of the device and leaves no residue on the body after removal. At the same time to strengthen the ring several times, on different gadgets, without losing grip.

The novelty is available on Amazon at a price of $9,99 via this link.

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