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Belkin has introduced a combined charging station for the Apple Watch and iPhone [video]

If you have already purchased a Apple Watch, you may well be interested universal dock station for smart watches and smartphones Apple. Original accessory presented the famous American brand Belkin.

Feature products created in conjunction with engineers at Apple, is to support inductive charging, which makes Apple Watch can be charged without using additional wires. Durable and stylish aluminum stand provides maximum usability of wearable products and smartphone Apple.

“The new Belkin secure and Charge Dock quickly charges your Apple Watch and iPhone. The design of the accessory provides a custom holder for smartphones, which allows you to use your smartphone in any cases”.

Combined docking station Belkin Charge Dock allows you to store and charge the Apple Watch thus, to maintain a comfortable angle of the display so that it is easy to observe changes on the screen. In addition, Doc will allow to avoid confusion in the wires since it is powered by a separate power adapter.

The left part of the Belkin Charge Dock is designed for iPhone. Here you can put any smartphone to charge or work. In this position, the gadget is comfortable to use for surfing the Internet and typing or for viewing videos, photos or other content that does not require constant interaction with a touchscreen.

Belkin Charge Dock can be placed on a horizontal surface and non-slip coating allows you to not worry about what the device will fall or get scratched. In the list compatible models: iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition.

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Belkin Charge Dock went on sale for $129.99. The accessory is sold on the manufacturer’s website, as well as in the online Apple store.

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