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How buy used iPad: three quick tips

Tablets to the modern model appeared on the market relatively recently – six years ago. The first example of such a device was the iPad. Although soon after that, as mushrooms after a rain began to appear the countless design competition, “Apple” series still in the lead in the tablet market. A really interesting projects come out first for Apple, but then ported to other operating systems. In General, it is not surprising that even those users who prefer Android smartphones or Windows PC, sometimes you are fans of iPad.

Unfortunately, the Apple tablet has the same flaw that the rest of the equipment of the company. It is the price. iPad is very expensive compared to other offerings on the market. The way out can be buying a used device. Resource offers to discuss the nuances that you should pay attention to the iPad with it.

The time of purchase

Certain goods is most advantageous to buy during certain times of the year. iPad is the best to buy immediately after Apple announces a new model. The reason is quite simple. It was at this time the user equipment, the company start to prepare for buying a new gadget. And because new items are very expensive, selling your old iPad is a good way to get money for new clothes. Because since the release of the new tablet (usually Apple releases a new iPad in the spring) start to see sale ads.

Check for honesty

By studying ads, be sure to pay attention not only on appearance, performance and price of the goods, but also on the range of tablet and cause its sale. You should not believe the sentences with too low a sales price. Of course, everyone wants to buy a good thing cheap, but such a Declaration should at least be alerted.

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Also it is not recommended to buy iPad with the “problematic” operating system. Even if you consider yourself an expert and are confident that we will be able to run the device, it does not guarantee a successful purchase. After all, “problems with the launch of iOS” the seller can only hide the fact that the device is stolen. In this case, when the first successful launch of a tablet will contact the Internet and will be locked. In other words, at the time of purchase, you must have access to operating system settings and iPad.

Once the tablet gets into your hands, you will need to check the status of your iCloud account. You can do this under “Settings” > “iCloud”. Knowing the IMEI or serial number, you can check the lock status of the device on the page “check the status of activation lock”. If the block status is “OFF” (“OFF”), the tablet “clean” and troubles do not threaten you. However, it is still a good idea if the previous owner can show you receipt of purchase of the tablet in any store.

Also, don’t forget to check the tablet to conform to the specifications. Remember that visual model with 32 GB of internal memory is no different from the models with 16 GB. So be sure to look in “Settings” > “General” > “About phone” and check all the data listed there, with the characteristics of the ads.

The performance of the tablet

One of the most important functions of any tablet PC is Wi-Fi. If possible, check tablet where you have the option to connect it to a wireless network. Also don’t forget to check the Bluetooth and 3G (if any).

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Test the Home button on an iPad it breaks down as often as on the iPhone. Be sure to check the touchscreen display for the absence of dead zones. Most often on tablets, the sensor stops working the edges of the screen. So start any graphic editor and make drawings with your finger to test the sensitivity of the input.

Check speaker tablet 3.5 mm audio output. To test this connector come to the meeting with the seller need to come with your headphones.

Another important point – the presence of different kinds of bumps or “blisters” on the hull. Similar defects may indicate that the device battery goes bad and swells. This poses serious problems, to the extent that the swollen battery will begin to break the tablet inside. Put the iPad on a flat surface. His back and must be flat.

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