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In the network appeared the real pictures of “frameless” smartphone Elephone S8

At the beginning of the year, reported the Elephone plans to release a flagship smartphone S8, which will differ by the absence of frames around the display. Now we have real photos of the device.

The story is truly edge-to-edge smartphones began with a Sharp, whose screen devices represented more than 90% of the total area of the front panel. Behind him, this trend was supported by Xiaomi, which model of Mi MIX.

Zgpax S8 needs to be a special product of the manufacturer. Unlike its predecessors, the device promises to add to the list of unique products and become on a par with Xiaomi Mi Mix and Sharp Aquos. A key feature of the novelties is the so-called frameless design — barely visible edges display on three sides of the device.

Initially it was assumed that the novelty will receive a more thin frame around the screen than Xiaomi Mi Mix. However, fresh photographs which capture the current version of the Elephone S8, showing a device with almost the same framework as Mi Mix.

According to preliminary information, the screen Zgpax S8 will have a diagonal of 6 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. As the basis of the selected SoC Mediatek Helio X27, the amount of flash memory will be 128 GB. The exact amount of RAM is not reported. In addition, the device has dual main camera.

As you can see in the photo, below the screen Zgpax S8 are mechanical home key. Although the presence of a fingerprint scanner is open to question. The front camera of the new items located in the lower right corner of the front panel.

Release date and price Elephone S8 are not reported.

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