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Puzzle Telepaint cost 229 rubles was the free app of the week in the App Store

In the App store with countless different applications. User and over a lifetime will not be able to see all the items even review. Therefore, the search for original and useful development is becoming more complex. Apple has slightly improved this process by adding App Store a special section “Free app of the week”.

Every week on the iPhone and iPad offer this one interesting game. This time it’s a mobile puzzle Telepaint from indie Studio Acid Nerve. The game is interesting enough: bright, high-quality, interesting and challenging gameplay.

In Telepaint gamers need to be transported through levels full of obstacles, containers with paint and make sure that they did not explode on the road. For this you need to activate the portals all along the way promoting characters, and to do so, to change their course.

All actions in Telepaint happen to the music, so the gameplay is something from the rhythm of the game. The developers themselves call their project a mixture of Lemmings and Portal. From the first she got the portals, and the second — main character, which itself wanders through the levels and not obey the commands of the player.

Activating the portals along the way character, you can adjust the rate at which it moves, and to perform tasks.

During the week the game will be available in the App Store for free. In normal times, it costs 229 rubles.

Download Telepaint for iPhone and iPad at this link.

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