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For the first time in 14 years introduces a new standard of Wi-Fi security

The Union of manufacturers of Wi-Fi Alliance, which controls the introduction of Wi-Fi standard, has introduced a new security Protocol WPA3. It needs to be replaced by WPA2, which was introduced in 2004, reports The Verge.

WPA3 provides additional protection against offline attacks to guess the password. With WPA2 hackers could check the password, capturing the transmitted data. When using WPA3 attackers will have only one attempt to guess the password offline. If it is unsuccessful, then the hacker will have to interact with the connected device every time when guessing the password.

But if an attacker learns the password, he will only have access to the new data being transferred. The old will remain encrypted. In addition, the devices support WPA3 will also have an individual data encryption, making them safer for use in cafes and other open Wi-Fi networks.

The Wi-Fi Alliance also announced the function of Easy Connect. It simplifies the process of connecting new devices to your wifi using QR codes.

It is expected that the introduction of WPA3 will start simultaneously with the standard of the new generation Wi-Fi 802.11 ax at the end of 2019. But that security Protocol is made, will have to buy a new router and devices that support WPA3. Yet WPA3 is an optional requirement for manufacturers, but in the future this situation will change.

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