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Alt – minimalist aluminum case for iPhone 6s [video]

The company mod-3 after the success of the branded hard case the Radius presented a new model of “cover-bikini” under the name Alt. The accessory is made entirely of aluminum and designed specifically for Apple’s smartphone.

The case looks very simple: four bow, protecting the corners of the iPhone, cross-connected by two narrow panels with a small seal on the corners. They protect the back of the smartphone is all parts, in fact, low. The thickness of the Alt lacks exactly that at the fall all items, including the volume buttons, were reserved. The creators jokingly call their product “iPhone bikini”.

But if you think about it more and do not need: all of the above will protect your iPhone from a fall no worse than our usual covers, and even better. Made of high-strength polymer Alt went further than his predecessor and has got a magnetic base, which serves as a small “tablet” that allows you to mount your iPhone on almost any surface — very convenient in cases when you use the smartphone as Navigator or watch movies.

The case is made of aluminum and weighs only 7 grams. For comparison, the developers bring the weight of other aluminum bumpers from 20 to 50 grams. The corners of the case are rubberized, so as not to scratch the iPhone. The front cover is virtually invisible.

In General, the creators of the mod-3 again well done, to support their project on the site Kickstarter.

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