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First unboxing and review Magic Keyboard

Together with the updated monoblock computers iMac Apple introduced a new generation of peripheral devices. Among the new products company: Magic trackpad, Magic mouse and keyboard 2 Magic Keyboard.

Keyboard Magic Keyboard easier, more efficient and greener than its predecessor. Unlike the Apple Wireless Keyboard it has a built-in lithium-ion battery, so replaceable batteries are no longer required, and the device itself became more solid and comfortable to use.

New full-size keyboard in a slim design occupies 13% less space on your desktop. Improved “butterfly” improves the stability of the keys, and a lower profile hull and optimization of pressing ensure a precise and comfortable typing.

Apple Wireless Keyboard connect to your Mac using a standard method: it was necessary to go to settings OS X, go to Bluetooth, enable discovery of devices, find the gadget and confirm the pairing. With the release of Magic Keyboard process easier. Now the keyboard is able to automatically pair with a Mac via the Lightning cable. Thus, the gadget can simply connect to the computer using the cord to charge and the computer will automatically connect.

When compared with the predecessor Magic Keyboard boasts a more compact size and lower weight. The buttons become wider and improved mechanism increases the stability of the keys. The top row of function keys, including the Escape was twice enlarged buttons “right” and “left” compared to the Apple Wireless Keyboard. Despite going earlier rumors, the backlight, the keys are missing.

As Magic Keyboard feature Bluetooth 4.0 instead of the outdated Bluetooth 2.0, it allows you to save energy and extend the battery life. The autonomy of the new keyboard is stated at the level of one month or more, depending on usage scenarios. Charging port is on the back side of the keyboard, so to connect the accessory to a power source you can use the docking station for the iPhone. To fully charge the keyboard will take about 2 hours.

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Magic Keyboard is already available for order in Russia. For advanced keyboard Apple asks 8700 rubles.

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