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ICQ has launched voice messages with speech recognition

Now users can send short voice messages. In this version of mobile client for iOS and Android have ultra-fast audio message, and the function for converting speech to text.

If a person has received multiple messages in a row, after starting the first they will be automatically played in sequence. In Android to listen to the messages by simply lifting the phone to your ear. Voice messages available in the 6.3 update.

In addition, the new version of ICQ have a unique messengers for the recognition function of the voice messages with support for 40 languages. If the user does not have audio capabilities, you can convert it to text with one tap. According to the developers, the function is useful in noisy environments, in the classroom or meeting.

In addition, the new version of the messenger increased the connection speed and video calling function works with slow Internet connection. These opportunities will be available for all ICQ users on iOS and Android within a day after the update.

Owners of Android smartphones will now be able to check, read each message: in the dialogues appeared a notification. Read replicas are marked with a small avatar of the interlocutor.

In addition, now the ICQ client saves space on your phone. Temporary files are deleted from memory automatically, allowing you to free up space on your smartphone.

Download ICQ for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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