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McAfee claims that the number of malware for the Mac has increased over the year by 744%

The number of malicious software designed for Apple computers, grew by nearly 750% for the year. These data lead developers of McAfee antivirus software. The vast majority of malware belongs to the category of adware.

Despite the frightening growth of “viruses”, Apple computers are still the most safe. In particular, if the experts on it security was discovered last year by 460,000 virus for Mac, the number of malware under Windows was about 600 million. Nearly 15 million different Trojans, the attackers wrote for Android.

The increase in the number of viruses for Mac is associated in most cases with an increase in bundling so-called adware — software that is associated with advertising, which technically does not harm the devices.

“Despite the fact that macOS is the reputation of safe enough operating system, malware exists for it. The confidence of some users of Apple devices in private security that often works for the attackers, as they do not expect attacks and lose their vigilance, — said Dmitry Gvozdev, the General Director of “Security Monitor”. But software, completely devoid of bugs and vulnerabilities that simply did not exist.”

Note that in January of this year the antivirus vendor Malwarebytes revealed rare malware attacking Mac. The malware, called Fruitfly, apparently, has been used for several years for cyber-espionage.

Experts said that this is quite a rare example of malware that infects a Mac. They note that the vast majority of malware written for Windows due to the fact that computers running this operating system much more common.

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