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The Tesla will recognize the owner’s fingerprint on iPhone

It is no secret that smartphones can be used instead of keys to the car, while getting information about the status of the onboard systems, the temperature in the passenger compartment, the fuel level in the tank, and other parameters. According to Electrek, a future update of the official Tesla app for iPhone will allow owners of electric vehicle s to obtain access to the interior with the scanner Touch ID. Of course, recognize this print will be iPhone and transfer data to the onboard vehicle system.

From the owners of electric vehicles will be able to generate pins, to give electric car on the sink or in the service. Furthermore, a “widget” that will continuously display important status information of the electric vehicle. Even control the process of charging the traction battery with the help of this widget will be much easier.

This week the media reported on a curious incident that happened with the owner of a Tesla. Entrepreneur and investor from the Las Vegas District, Negri was not able to have electric car due to the lack of cellular communication.

Negri, along with his wife Amy was in an unusual situation, when I was driving from Las Vegas to national conservation area “Red Rock Canyon” is located in the Mojave desert, Nevada.

Negri used the mobile app the Tesla to get the car home and didn’t bring the keys so as to control the buggy using your smartphone. Overcoming some 9.6 km away, the couple made a stop and got out of the car. Re-start the electric car and continue the journey failed because the phone had no network signal.

The wife of the driver decided to find a place where catches a network. According to Negri, before “catch” the cellular network, she had to walk about 3 km. After that, the woman called a friend and asked him to bring the keys to the car.

“Technologies that make our lives easier can sometimes make us forget the most simple things, the conclusion that the owner of the electric vehicle, and advises to always have the car keys, even if your car is a Tesla”.

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