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External battery Power Bank 5200 mAh has a Bluetooth speaker and a laser keyboard for iPhone

Keyboard without mechanical keys generally dislike, but if I had to choose between a tiny screen and relatively large projection, the user will likely choose the second option. Moreover, now such a device can be made in the form of a capacious external battery and wireless earpiece.

Laser projection keyboard for some time present on the market, but they were too bulky to be carried in a pocket with other gadgets. A device called Power Bank 5200 does not have this disadvantage. Laser projector creates a virtual keyboard on any surface in front of iPhone or iPad, allowing you to type more comfortably, than on a traditional touch screen.

To connect to a smartphone or tablet there is Bluetooth and is powered from a built-in keyboard lithium-ion battery 5200 mAh. The capacity of the battery, which is charged via the supplied USB cable, enough to three times fully charge the battery of the iPhone 6s.

But the flat keyboard and large capacity battery is not the only “trick” Power Bank. The manufacturer has equipped the device with a loudspeaker, so the device can be adapted for use as a portable audio system. Among other things, the Power Bank can be used to control the mouse cursor. But this functionality is available only to owners of computers Mac and PC.

Hardly on a large tablet the size of iPad Pro or iPad virtual keyboard has a significant advantage over on-screen, but the iPhone, this accessory can definitely come in handy.

Laser projection keyboard in the form factor of the external battery is on sale in the online store Banggood for around 3800 rubles.

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