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Apple demonstrated the capabilities of the iPhone 6s camera with 8 videos from all over the world

At the time, Apple has launched a massive advertising campaign “Shot on iPhone”. The company decided to move from promoting the photographic possibilities of the gadgets to the possibilities of photography and has published a large collection of videos. Today arrived a collection of 8 short video clips from around the world.

In the Apple place a much greater emphasis on the capabilities of the iPhone camera, and aided by the users themselves – the smartphone is the most popular camera on Flickr for the universality and prevalence of devices from Cupertino.

The camera in the iPhone 6s can timelapses, video with 4K resolution with 30 frames per second and slow-motion videos at 240 frames per second. The camera is also adjusting the exposure when shooting, and optical image stabilization (only iPhone 6s Plus).

The campaign called “Shot on iPhone” was launched by Apple in one day with the presentation of the flagship smartphone Samsung last year and is intended to demonstrate the quality of the shot smartphones. View 15-second clips selected in the framework of the campaign, on the official Apple channel on YouTube or on the website of the company.

Iceberg Pleneau Bay, Antarctica (Nicholas D.):

Selfcast, Germany (S. Polo):

Kasane, Botswana (Craig G.):

In flight Miami-Curacao (Keiran V.):

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Mitchell H.):

Byron Bay, Australia (Mirabai M.):

Sepang, Malaysia (John L.):

Last year Apple received the main prize of the festival “Cannes lions” for the advertising campaign “Shot on iPhone”. In Cupertino took 162 pictures made by users with a smartphone and posted on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Amateur images were the only images used in the campaign: Apple has completely refused the services of professional photographers.

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