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Pleasant things that we took from johnny Ive

In recent years, for some strange reason, Apple “wins” the users of their products many small but pleasant things which were allocated to the technique of the company over competitors. This fact drew the attention of the browser Alexander Patsy. “First there was mini-Jack to iPhone, then still a lot of ports-interfaces into a MacBook Pro and who knows what will select the Apple users of tomorrow?”, – he resents.

The journalist believes that “pest” is the design Director of Apple Jonathan Ive. He comes up with a “perfect” computer, in which there is nothing superfluous, and nothing prevents and does not distract from maximum minimalism. And users only need to lament over another “dead” chip.

The magnetic MagSafe adapter

Magnetic connector on the MacBook is really good, and its presence in the laptops of the previous generation happy forever. On the other hand, it is clear that the 12-inch MacBook is so light, I think MagSafe would not have helped him not to fly off the table if I accidentally catch the cord.

Indicator of battery level

Once in Mac laptops had a built-in indicator that tracks the battery charge, even if the computer was off. The battery was a special button and a few LEDs, and a button showed the level of charge left. Batteries, incidentally, was interchangeable, and for example, if they died, they are easy to replace for a new one and continue to use the computer.

Charging indicator

And with a MagSafe gone, and the battery charge indicator (led on the MagSafe was glowing orange when the battery is charging, and green when it was charged). It is also possible, for example, to take the laptop off the table and go somewhere, knowing that there is fully charged battery. Charge indicator, by the way, appeared long before the MagSafe and it was very comfortable.

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Battery compartment

From laptops Apple to transition to Intel has two compartments on both sides. Default in one compartment were the battery, and on the other hand was the CD drive. So, for example, for those times when didn’t need the CD drive, but we had to maximize the time portable, you can take out the CD drive and insert another battery. Laptops were called PowerBooks.

“Breathing” led

And there was the theme with the pulsing led on the body of the laptop, which showed that the computer is in standby mode. Even the frequency of blinking of the indicator coincided with the paced breathing of a sleeping person, and it is different from the laptops from other manufacturers.

A glowing “Apple”

Functionally, of course, “suitable” there was no load except the fact that it was visible to everyone around. Although, of course, given that the laptop users are watching from the side of the screen, and not Apple, we cannot say that the glowing logo is severely lacking.

Carry handle

If, for example, you had to go between floors in the office, had a choice — close the computer and carry it by the handle, or not to close, and to avoid reconnection of all messengers, email, etc. But carry by the handle it was great, so often users choose this method.

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