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Duplicate File Finder: new free app to delete duplicate files on Mac

Based on the title of the application Duplicate File Finder you’ve probably guessed what this app. A new free solution for Mac solves the problem of duplicate files that clog up and so are not particularly capacious flash drive MacBook.

The duplicates appear on Mac either accidentally or due to carelessness of users. Although we are all human and we tend to save all kinds of content. No matter how big the amount of memory you had your computer after removing duplicates it will be much more.

Unfortunately, deleting duplicate files is impossible to produce without specialized software. Apple developers have missed this point, but third-party programmers proposed solution to the problem. Utility Duplicate File Finder & Remover is designed to rid your Mac from redundant files.

This is a very simple and convenient program for keeping your Mac clean from duplicates. After running Duplicate File Finder searches for the checksum file, while ignoring the date and time of creation, size. This method allows you to make a more accurate and detailed search of duplicates.

Duplicate File Finder performs a detailed analysis of the drive to the same files and at the end displays a list of all found duplicates. In order not to disrupt the work, the application is able to create symlinks instead of duplicate. There is a search function for content.

Duplicate File Finder & Remover was released in the Mac App Store recently and is free. Download removal tool on computers with macOS 10.8.5 and above at this link.

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