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Media: Apple is considering the possibility of using flexible LCD displays Japan Display in a future iPhone

Apple does not exclude the possibility of applying the technology of flexible LCD displays, developed by Japan Display, reports the Wall Street Journal. The essence of development is the use of plastic substrates on both sides of the LCD panel to give it a high flexibility.

Innovative technology presented by Japan Display (JDI), allows the use of smartphones with flexible displays of the LCD panels instead of OLED. According to the company, they provide the manufacturer of mobile devices has greater freedom of action.

Japan Display introduced the 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is an LCD panel (IPS-NEO), which uses a new technology of plastic substrates instead of conventional glass. This allows you to create a flexible liquid crystal panel.

It is argued that the displays are Japan Display, more resistant to falls than their counterparts. The claimed maximum brightness of 500 CD/m2 and contrast 1500:1.

Panels Japan Display support standard refresh rate 60 Hz, but also work at very low frequencies (below 15 Hz). In this mode, you can achieve significant savings in consumption of mobile device energy.

The start of mass production of flexible LCD displays Japan Display is scheduled only for 2018. So expect Apple to implement the technology in the iPhone 8, which is curved screen is not necessary. New Apple’s flagship is likely to move to OLED technology. But if the Wall Street Journal confirmed that Apple may have a year to go back to LCD screens.

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