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iPhone is dead and charging not: 5 tips on what to do

Many of us fall into a situation when your iPhone in the middle of the day’s about to die, the smartphone shows only 10% charge and flashing red dangerously, but you don’t have a charger. And while we are in the heart of the city, no nearby friends who would borrow a charger. What can be done in this case? Here are five tips.

Such obvious tips like always carry a charging or requiring sockets portable charger to give does not make sense. Especially in Metropolitan areas, every second smartphone owner always has a charger. But sometimes we can forget to take that vital thing, accidentally leaving her in the other bag or on the bedside table. So try to decide what to do if neither charging nor portable charger in your Arsenal.

Further, several simple and effective ways to recharge your iPhone if you do not have the charger. Namely, we will tell you about the places where you will help solve this problem.

1. If you are in some shopping Mall or close to it, then find a store that has lockers for recharging. Usually in some shops known networks are small cabinets with chargers for various ports. And while you try on clothes – your phone charged.

Such service is, for example, in the bookstore “Moskva” on Tverskaya street. Will seek to charge the phone in the Department of information — you are unlikely to refuse.

2. Another easy way is to go to any phone store and ask them to recharge the phone. The likelihood that you will be denied, is very small. But it is best in such cases to contact the salon one of the operators — in some of the following services are the most evident. Besides, in the salons of cellular communication have the chargers for all models. Can also go with the same request in an electronics store.

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Whether this service is paid depends on the seller. However, if you have to pay a little bit — 50-100 rubles maximum.

3. There are special terminals for charging phones. Unfortunately, not so much as ATMs and payment terminals. Usually they are in shopping malls, in cafes, waiting rooms at railway stations and airports. In the cells of the terminal there are several wires that are suitable for all models. It costs about 50 rubles per hour.

4. Smartphones are known for having discharged faster than normal phones. This happens for various reasons. We want to tell you about several lifehacks that will accelerate the charging process and will save energy on your smartphone.

If you have very little time to recharge, then turn on your airplane mode and charging will be much faster. Also you can just turn the phone off while charging. The smartphone will not drain your energy but will get it much faster.

5. If you have no way to turn off the phone or activate the airplane mode, as you suppose, don’t want to miss an important call, then try to disable unnecessary functions. This could be GPS, Bluetooth, LTE. All of these functions take part of the energy itself. By disabling them, you will be able to slightly speed up the charging process. During operation of the smartphone keep these features off when not using them directly. So your smartphone will drain slower. There is also the classic tips for saving energy — reduce your screen brightness and time sleep timer screen in settings.

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