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Director of a documentary film about Steve jobs drew Parallels between Apple and Scientology

When at the beginning of this year was the premiere of a documentary by Alex Gibney “Steve jobs: man in the machine”, Apple’s management protested unflattering picture of his former boss. So, eddy cue called the film “inaccurate and mean-spirited description of his friend. But the last word remains for Gibney.

During a press conference on the occasion of the release of the film in hire the Director asked if he saw similarities between the cult of Apple and the Church of Scientology. Gibney said: “and now I see it!” Here we must make a digression, because the question asked was not casual. Previous Gibney documentary, released earlier this year, called “the Enlightenment: Scientology and the quirks of faith.” It caused indignation of representatives of religion, saying that the painting has little to do with reality.

Answering a reporter’s question, Gibney began to compare jobs with musician James brown – another hero of his films.

“They both felt fine on the stage; they well understood that their success largely depends on the team,” said Gibney. – So, Steve jobs has surrounded himself with really talented people. But jobs, and brown were also ruthless and extremely ambitious, they appropriated to themselves the merit of the whole team”.

The third parallel, which held Gibney, was between the corporate culture of Apple and the philosophy of objectivism. However, he quoted Steve jobs: “You have to do one thing and do it well. That’s all you have to do. Everything else is not worth your attention”.

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