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Analysts have described the launch of the Apple Watch flops

Sales of the Apple Watch for the first two months of presence on the market was below expectations, Cnews reports citing a report from DigiTimes. Even with the expansion of geography of sales forecasts are not so rosy than before.

Sales of the Apple Watch was below expectations, analysts say. Since the launch of the device on sale on 24 April 2015 to date — approximately two months — we sold about 3 million hours. Despite the fact that the geography of sales of the gadget is expanded, the forecasts are not as optimistic.

According to Google Trends, since April consumer interest in the Apple Watch is reduced. This gadget is inferior to the number of search queries not only iPhone but also iPad. Analysts said the reasons for lack of popularity of the Apple Watch. It is alleged that an error Apple is in incorrect positioning of the device. The company decided that a Watch can be a decoration. And released for this device in a gold case and complemented the range with leather straps. However, the Apple Watch is primarily a technological product. So over the operation he was doomed to price reduction, unlike jewelry, which will eventually become expensive.

Positioning the Watch as a fitness product also has not brought results, DigiTimes indicates. Alternatives from Fitbit, Jawbone and Xiaomi — fitness-bracelets — easier to use, they have a clearer purpose and, furthermore, support the conjunction not only with iPhone, but smartphones on the Android platform. All this makes them more attractive in the eyes of consumers, experts say.

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According to preliminary information, in the beginning of 2016 Apple plans to release the second generation Apple Watch. However, the vendor will need to significantly work on product positioning and pricing, if it wishes to increase its market share, says DigiTimes.

Previously, Tim cook said about the success of the smart watch Apple Watch. In this there is no doubt, looking at the interest of developers to wearable computer from Apple, said the CEO. In recent months, developers have created several thousand applications for Apple Watch. Analysts at Morgan Stanley, in turn, argue that the demand for Apple Watch is 20% higher than the first generation iPhone in 2007. The report reveals that now the buying activity has stabilized and stabilized at a higher level than in the case of the first Apple smartphone almost 8 years ago.

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