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Apple has announced the development of its own graphics processors for the iPhone, the capitalization of the Imagination fell by 70%

iPhone and iPad with the graphics processor of its own production, Apple will be released in the next 2 years. This is stated in the official statement of the California company. The announcement led to a sharp drop in the shares of Imagination Technologies, which last years supplied the GPU for Apple mobile devices.

On Monday Apple announced the end of cooperation with the British Imagination Technologies, which develops graphics modules, and supply the appropriate equipment. The unit called Power VR supplied “Apple” giant technology for use in graphics systems the iPhone and iPad.

Apple has stated that work on its own graphics architecture and don’t need any more technology from Imagination Technologies. Own graphics company can find application in the Apple A12.

In Imagination Technologies believe that the Corporation of Cupertino will be difficult to create a new architecture of the GPU without compromising its intellectual property rights.

“Apple has presented no evidence supporting its statement that it will no longer use a technology called Imagination, not Imagination breaking patents, intellectual property and confidential information. These data were requested by the company, but Apple refused to provide them,” said Imagination Technologies.

The news came as a big blow to the business of the British company. After this statement the capitalisation of Imagination Technologies fell more than 70%, delivery which the manufacturer of the iPhone make up half of the profits. Apple also owns 8% of the shares of the vendor. A year ago, “Apple” the company wanted to buy Imagination Technologies, but refused from this idea.

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If Apple fulfilled, then iPhone and iPad production in 2018 will use hybrid processors A-series with the CPU and GPU modules from Apple. This will increase performance and reduce power consumption of smartphones and tablets.

The current flagship iPhone 7 is based on a SoC Apple Fusion A10 4-core processor, which Apple switched to the new architecture cores. Two cores need to operate at peak performance and two save battery power. The GPU platform is a modified chip PowerVR GT760 of the iPhone 6s, it is faster than the one that was in the Apple A9.

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