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Client MEGA for iOS has received a new design and is now available on iPad

Mega Limited has released a new version of the official client MEGA for the iOS platform. The updated application is now available in native resolution on iPad and got a new user interface.

MEGA 3.0 boasts a “clean and simple” interface corresponding to the design language Apple. The updated program allows you to search and sort uploaded to cloud files, and to download data to the device folders.

In addition, the developers have added support for third-party services. Now, the option of downloading allows you to save in a personal cloud of the user content stored in other services. Injection can be put on pause.

View downloaded content is allowed on your own phone, tablet or laptop, and in General from any computer through a web interface. Also in version 3.0 added the option “Contacts” for easy sharing content in the cloud with other users.

The application MEGA was launched in late 2013. It can be used to manage the content stored in cloud storage: upload, move, and rename files and folders, share them over the Internet. The client offers 50 GB of free space, wherein the encryption is performed using a 2048-bit keys.

Users who believe that 50 GB for data storage on the service they will not be enough, you can apply one of the proposed subscription, which includes additional space of 500 GB, 2 TB and 4 TB. The annual cost of these packages is €9,99, €19.99 and €29,99 respectively.

Download MEGA is available for free for iPhone and iPod touch here.

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