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Tim cook explained why Apple donates more to charity than Steve Jobs

Apple CEO Tim cook explained in the TV show Late Show with Stephen Colbert why the Corporation is spending more money to charity than in the years of Steve jobs. According to him, the company wants to make the world a better place.

According to cook, on the subject of charity he feels the same as when he announced his homosexuality: people are suffering, and due to the success of the company and his position he can help them.

“We want to leave the world better than we received it”, — said the head of Apple.

In the beginning of the year Tim cook has publicly stated that all his wealth he will donate to charity. According to cook, he already allocates money to charity, but in the future plans “don’t just write checks,” but to develop a systematic approach to this process. In particular, the CEO is going to subsidize the fight against the spread of AIDS, the protection of human rights and reform of the immigration system in the United States.

Apple began to fabricate money to charitable projects almost immediately after taking office cook. In 2011 the company launched a program to Fund employee giving, in which they can count on reimbursement of personal expenses to the charity of up to $10,000 per year.

Prior to this, Apple has never worked a public charity. The correspondent of The New York Times’s Andrew Ross Sorkin at the time blamed jobs for financial reporting the CEO does not count appears related to monetary donations, while his personal fortune is estimated at more than $8 billion.

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However, it is likely that jobs tend to be kept secret from the General public as personal life and internal processes in Apple did not seek to publicize charitable initiatives. So, according to the leader of U2 Bono, Apple at that time was the main source of funding for the Global Fund to fight AIDS. At the time, the company has allocated $10 million for the necessary tests. In addition, the company produces special model gadgets is red, the portion of sales which go to the heart of the “red cross”.

Still under the leadership of Steve jobs after the earthquake in Japan in 2011, Apple initiated the collection of funds to the relief Fund via the online store, iTunes Store, and agreed to fix all the equipment of own production, failed because of the element.

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