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The United States after the terrorist attacks in Paris seek from Apple, Google and Microsoft access to encrypted messages, users

The U.S. government in connection with a series of terrorist attacks in the French capital intend to achieve from the largest technology companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, provide access to encrypted e-mail exchanged between users of their programs.

According to TASS with reference to The Wall Street Journal, “the White house and members of Congress asked the CEOs in Silicon valley to hold new talks in Washington, in connection with the terrorist attacks in Paris to resolve differences regarding methods of encrypting messages”. As the newspaper notes, “these steps indicate that the attacks have drawn particular attention to disputes about whether it is permissible for U.S. companies to provide services to exchange top-secret messages”.

“There are no indications that the attacks in Paris have changed the technological position of firms who believe that encryption of data protects the interests of their clients and the opening of police access to this information will provide an opportunity for abuse criminals and resorting to repressive methods of the government”, – emphasizes the newspaper.

Disputes between Washington and Silicon valley started about a year and a half ago due to the fact that Apple has started encrypting iPhone data, bringing users a completely secure exchange of messages. The companies stressed that they can’t declassify this correspondence even by court order.

“Law enforcement officials said that such programmes could hamper some investigations in criminal cases, – the newspaper notes. Discussions about the guards provided access to systems in the fall at an impasse. The administration decided not to seek changes in the law, not to impose to companies that are among the largest, the standards in the characteristics of their products.”

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Earlier Apple CEO Tim cook has warned about the dangers associated with the possible adoption in the UK of the new law on powers of investigation. The document provides for the obligation of Internet service providers for 12 months to store data about each website visited by the user, and provides the authorities the right to request the assistance of providers of hacking into the smartphones and computers of citizens. According to cook, the legislation will give providers the authority to spy on the population, which can lead to serious consequences.

“Encryption of information is used everywhere. If we suspend or attenuate, will suffer not those who were up to no good. Hurt good people. Others and know how to counteract”, — said the head of Apple.

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