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Canadian experts have accused an application developer from Novosibirsk to advertising fraud for $250,000 a day

Representatives of canadian firms on computer security suspected Russian app developer in the creation of complex fraud schemes on the Internet. The scheme was implemented through owned by Twitter advertising service.

Novosibirsk mobile application developer Academ Media denied the allegations in a multimillion dollar fraud with advertising. Fraudulent app distributed third-party developers, hacked the company’s servers, said on Monday TASS with reference to head of business relations Academ Media Timofey Prokhorov.

“The most likely reason for such accusations was the fact that our servers were compromised and the subsequent distribution of applications compiled from our source code. The circulation of such content on Google Play continued throughout the first half of 2015,” said Prokhorov, noting that the manipulation was carried out using these applications.

He explained that the company repeatedly refers to Google Play to block accounts, from which to spread malicious applications. However, in the end, in September 2015, Google has closed not only them but the official accounts of the company.

After that, said Prokhorov, the company has decided not to cooperate with Google Play. More than half a year the main venue for distribution of their applications for Academ Media is an App Store.

Sentrant canadian company specializing in information security, Novosibirsk accused the developer of fraud with ads in apps. Version Sentrant installed on the mobile device app Academ Media loaded is invisible to the user’s background commercials. Thus, ad views counted, but in fact the users didn’t see it.

Thus, notes the edition, the developers received up to $250 000 per day at the expense of advertisers. Just Google Play there were about 200 applications that used this fraudulent scheme. In Sentrant thus believe that with the Russian developers associated 20 shell companies that continue to put applications with “invisible ads”.

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Academ Media – the resident of Technopark of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok (Academpark). Engaged in the development of mobile games, apps for fitness, music, educational and other applications.

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