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Jade Empire: Special Edition – the East

If you have at least minimal attraction to RPG, then, without doubt, know about the Bioware games is countless editions of Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age and polished, and the famous space Opera Mass Effect, and even the sequel to MDK (nothing to do with what you think now). But, probably, even big fans of Bioware heard very little about Jade Empire, and even fewer people are playing. Partly correct – the project was released in 2005 on stillborn the first Xbox, a few years later were hooked on the PC, when already rattled the impending comet of commander Shepard. The game went unnoticed, but now over her flashed lightning a second chance – Jade Empire came out on iOS.

Outset that mobile got the regular version and Special Edition of propreitery variant, with improved graphics, the normal control (this, however, separately), with the human system preservation – who remembers, as it was saved on consoles of the mid-zero, he will understand. So the game looks good, even though the second went to a dozen shadows, special effects vivid, clear face; confused only horribly compressed videos, which, apparently, the Special Edition does not apply. Russian language available, and if you were Jade Empire, then there is no reason to ignore the game now – perhaps that will deter price 749 rubles.

And now the conversation to the uninitiated. The first thing to understand about Jade Empire is practically the first experience to synthesize the old Bioware role-playing game with a trendy console shooter, what you saw in Mass Effect, it was previously run on Jade Empire. A feeling of incompleteness, a feeling that Bioware was in a sense, the opening stretches and now, 11 years later. In addition, a repeat visit to the world of Jade Empire reminds, why did the sequel – apparently, Canadians just don’t hit in the Eastern setting. In General, wherever you spit – everywhere continuous experiment. But it’s still a Bioware game – these do not come every day not that mobile – on other platforms, too.

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You were the best student of the school of martial arts, which lies somewhere on the edge of the ancient Empire. Around you – the pagan world of the ancient, apparently, China all speak the most difficult language, believe in the ancient spirits (soon they’ll show up), and a bearded teacher of the protagonist is not as simple as it seems. The complication, development and climax in Jade Empire made “rivarossi” – in particular, around minute 15, it appears that you are the chosen one and the villain famously changes right at the end of the narrative. All as always.

However, the other positive notes Bioware in the game too. Of course, your party members each in the store a couple cool stories, and most of those skeletons bones; to the brilliant conversations of Shepard with the Penny, of course, far, but still. And quests? Yes, they are significantly less in comparison with the same of Star Wars, but a few will remain in your memory – not least because it is unclear where prorezalsya at Bioware humor.

The basis of Jade Empire – melee combat in real time: for 2005 – something terribly innovative. You have a variety of styles, switching between which you select the optimal variant of the battle. The balance of styles reminiscent of the game about the scissors and paper, so don’t hesitate to experiment – if a monster does not take blazer and fist, try to give between his eyes. Or even to take the sword and cutting the villain to pieces. In any case, do not forget not only about the attack, but the defense – no wonder the game has icons of the shield; and our hero reacts to missed strikes more painful than I could.

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Of course, the whole thing can pump in the middle of the two thousandth Bioware has tried to do RPG. You can throw glasses in different styles and “swing” the basic data of the character; additionally available with precious stones, which have to be inserted into an ancient amulet. All of this works honestly, but it is unlikely there is a particular sense – if you have not managed to cut the maximum level of complexity, it’s nothing without sharpened “builds” will not happen. After all, with Jade Empire canadian Studio began to move away from numbers and to take action.

And it happened, albeit with reservations, fights absolutely fascinating, and the pace is unusually fast for a traditionally slow party “rolevok” – that’s just pounded a wooden pear, and now the world is saved. The world, by the way, is to save him – if not lazy, and carefully read the letter, that about Empire you can learn a lot. Bioware has always known how to push in their games these Universes, and Jade Empire was no exception.

Problems with Chinese epic all the same. First, the origin of the console – the first Xbox was weak, and the levels in Jade Empire caricature small and linear: in the midst of the boundless forest winds through a narrow narrow path, of course, quite by accident. It’s frustrating and spoils the whole magic. The problem of second – places ripped control: the hero with great difficulty is listening to you, weird moves, and I also want to pick up a controller. This, incidentally, can be done – supports third-party controllers.

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The rest – a wonderful role-playing game from the great Studio, almost lost their charm over the years. Yeah, not the best project Bioware – but the logo is enough to make you pay attention.

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