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Called five reasons not to buy iPhone SE

MacDigger continues the cycle of articles devoted to the new mini to the Apple flagship. Last time we discussed 5 reasons to buy iPhone SE. This time we will look at the reasons why the new 4-inch Apple smartphone is not the best choice in the primary.


The first reason why you should not buy SE iPhone, according to analysts – design. The device looks exactly like the iPhone 5s, which in turn is made in the style of the iPhone 5, introduced in 2012. Despite the new “stuffing”, the gadget could be a new design. In this case, the similarity indicates the model name of the smartphone: the letters “SE” stands “special edition”.

Tiny screen

The second main reason to abandon the purchase screen small size. Journalists ‘ opinion, to go with 5.5 – and 4.7-inch iPhone again on the 4-inch is quite difficult. To read and view content on a tiny screen is not very comfortable. However, it is worth noting that Apple originally intended it is a compact version of the smartphone, which will differ from the “shovels” on the market.


Another reason not to buy the iPhone SE technical characteristics of the device. In particular, resolution 4-inch screen smartphone is only 1136 x 640 pixels, which does not even reach HD. The model with a reasonable price tag equipped with only 16 GB memory, without extension, and for the version with 64 GB will have to pay 10 000 rubles.


Another reason to not buy iPhone SE is cost. In Russia, for the base model of the smartphone you have to pay 38 000. At the time, both on the home market for the Apple device came at a price of $400. However, here an important role plays the fallen exchange rate of the Russian national currency.

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The fifth reason is associated with such important factors as the prestige of the product. Analysts are of the opinion that iPhone is an SE device “second class”, and those who get one, will not feel that they acquired something totally new and unique.

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