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How much can you get for old iPhone recycling program Apple Renew?

This week Apple launched Apple Renew, which will allow to utilize all the components of older devices Corporation. About this presentation iPhone iPad Pro SE and in headquarters announced Vice-President for work with the environment Lisa Jackson.

Apple has used with great pomp to roll out new devices, and with no less pomp she’s going to destroy them. According to Jackson, the Corporation will have to disassemble the smartphone “to the last screw” to any one component does not pollute the environment: it was developed a robot named Liam, who for 11 seconds, parses the smartphone.

Innovativeness Liam is that a sense of timing that allows you to disassemble the unit it is for components, not cut in pieces, as is often used in industrial cutters with magnets. The components then will be much easier to process. According to Apple, no other company in the world recycles electronics with such care.

“With Apple Renew, you will be able to give your devices for processing is easy and fast and most importantly safe for all your data and the environment of the planet. You just need to bring the old device to the store where you bought them”, – said Vice-President Lisa Jackson. She noted that 99% of the used paper recycling or product from “controlled forests”.

Users who are thinking about buying a new iPhone can easily dispose of the old one. The Renew recycling program you can select the store or order a courier, who will take the device for recycling in exchange for gift certificate.

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How much can you get for old iPhone?

  • iPhone 4: Apple Gift Card for $50
  • iPhone 4s: Apple Gift Card for $50
  • iPhone 5: Apple Gift Card for $100
  • iPhone 5c: Apple Gift Card for $100
  • iPhone 5s: Apple Gift Card for $150
  • iPhone 6: Apple Gift Card for $250
  • iPhone 6 Plus: Apple Gift Card for $300

For those who think that recycling is not a problem at the launch of Apple led single digit. Tim cook said that the world is over a billion activated devices “Apple” of the company. Only The Apple. So it is great that steps in this direction makes the company itself – I want to believe, not only because some tax breaks or order to avoid criticism, but from the heart – just because you know the risk to die from pollution may become for us the same inevitable future, and the presentation of the iPhone 7.

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