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Experts have discovered a Trojan that intercepts camera control Mac

Users of Apple computers are virus attacks, which allows attackers to spy on users of Macs.

Malware has detected a system administrator who noticed the strange traffic. “Malware”, called Fruifly can remotely manage your webcam, create screenshots and simulate keystrokes mouse or keyboard, giving the hacker the opportunity to remote control the Mac.

About Fruitfly wrote the researchers from Malwarebytes, which identificeret the malware as OSX.Backdoor.Quimitchin. It is reported that the virus uses long-deprecated features, created before the advent of Mac OS X in 2001. This does not mean, of course, that he was active in the 90s: according to experts, the attackers just might be not familiar with the architecture of the Apple and used outdated documentation.

In addition, the program feels fine on Linux machines, with the exception of a couple of commands designed exclusively for the Apple platform software.

Experts were surprised that the Fruitfly is rather primitive and can be easily detected and deleted by anyone who will pay attention to non-standard traffic. Successfully hiding for several years he managed only due to the extremely narrow focus that has slowed its spread.

Apple promptly released an update that protects your Mac from becoming infected with Fruitfly.

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