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Best apps optimized for iPhone X

The ledge under the sensors TrueDepth camera is an iconic feature of the iPhone X. Fears that applications on the Apple flagship will look awful, not confirmed. Introducing the best program that is optimized for the iPhone X.

  • Halide
    Multifunction application for photography was created specifically for the iPhone X. Halide takes full advantage of smartphone cameras and allows you to adjust the exposure, switch to manual mode and turn the display of the gadget to the top viewfinder.

  • Apollo for Reddit
    One of the best customers to access the popular forum. The application interface takes into account the features of iPhone screen X and organically enters the projection for the camera, placing there some of the controls. In dark mode, the plate merges with the layout of the layout, so the posts will be very convenient.

  • Lyft
    Free application to search for travel and quick travel across the city. The developers Lyft is among the first to adapt the interface to guide the camera and placed at the top of the screen controls and navigation.

  • Ulysses
    App with in-app purchases, which helps to not just take notes but also to prepare the publication for blogs or other sites directly to the iPhone X.

  • Numerical2
    Free advanced calculator, in which it is possible not only to perform complex mathematical calculations, but also to change the background color.

  • The Machines
    Reference application Apple created to demonstrate the possibilities of augmented reality. Turns any surface into an extraterrestrial landscape, which turns a robot battle.
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  • Netflix
    The dark background of the app is perfectly adapted to the design features of the iPhone X and allows you to watch movies in full screen mode.

  • Carrot Weather
    The weather app, which was created taking into account features of the iPhone X, so it works on it flawlessly.


  • Alto’s Adventure
    Application developers have adapted the interface to the 16:9 aspect ratio even before the flagship Apple. Tireless hero snowboards, escapes from avalanches, persecution, and other misfortunes that can lie in wait for him in the mountains. Bright screen iPhone X makes the game even more fun than before.

  • Darkroom
    Applications for photo editing. Supports many codecs and formats and has the function of automatic leveling and other techniques that help to handle the pictures. The editor interface is intelligently uses the free area around the ledge of the front camera of the iPhone X.


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