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About buying a smart watch thinks only one out of three smartphone users

Over the next 12 months to purchase a smart watch plan only 35% of Americans, according to a study of ABI Research. With over 80% of respondents say they don’t see much sense in buying an electronic bracelet, like smartphones “do the same”. In their understanding of smart watches are in addition to the smartphone, which means it will be a waste of funds.

According to the researchers, the market leader in “smart” watch Apple. Apple Watch is interesting for its belonging to this brand with all the ensuing consequences. Last year, approximately, has sold about 13 million Apple Watch, and share these devices on the market amounted to 61.3 per cent (data from IDC). According to the forecast, in 2019, Apple would still retain over half of market of “smart hours” with the ability to sell in a year to 45.2 million gadgets.

According to analysts, in the near future the developers of the smart watch comes with precise positioning devices as a self-contained device, which does not need a smartphone.

Another important criterion for users when selecting “smart clock” is the price. Only 24% of respondents were willing to pay for a wearable computer over $300. In 2015 the average price for such equipment was $316. With the release on the market Apple Watch the second generation can be expected to reduce the cost of the original model to be acceptable for most. Noticeable shifts in price will further increase in sales of Apple product.

According to the survey, for users to design “smart” hours were more important than their functions. In particular, users are not too thinking about the support of sound notifications about incoming calls or messages. In other words, for “smart hours” support sound loses its value, while the appearance is always presentable.

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