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Apple is working on a new Ultra compact connector Accessory Connector (UAC), which will replace the Lightning and micro-USB

Apple plans to switch to using the new connector in accessories for iPhone, iPad and other devices in formal license programs Made-for-iPhone (MFi). It is reported by 9to5Mac, citing informed sources.

It is reported that recently Apple introduced a preview version of the new type connectors to prepare partners for the transition to the new standard, which is to replace the Lightning or USB.

We are talking about the new 8-pin connector, which is a little thinner USB-C and half Lightning. The size of the new connector is 2.05 mm x 4,85 mm. it is shaped like the connector used in Nikon cameras (pictured below). According to the developers of the standard, UAC will allow manufacturers of accessories to save space inside devices, abandoning the Lightning or USB-C.

At the moment, specifications of Ultra Accessory Connector under the MFi program include the use of UAC for cables and headphones. Producers will be able to release adapter with Lightning on UAC, USB-A to UAC as well as with a 3.5 mm Jack to connect to various Apple devices.

It is noteworthy that Apple still has not translated some of their products to Lightning. In particular, Beats headphones still is used for charging mini-USB. Some sources attribute the delay in starting sales of the new model Beats X with the transition to the new connector UAC.

Apple refused to comment on reports about the transition to Ultra Accessory Connector.

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