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At DEFCON demonstrated a jailbreak of the Apple Watch

At the conference, DEFCON, which currently takes place in Las Vegas, was presented jailbreak smart watches Apple Watch. Developer from Ukraine Maxim Batali showed step-by-step presentation of hacking the Apple Watch.

On hacked hours it is possible to access SMS messages, calls, applications Health and Photos, e-mails, GPS coordinates synchronized iPhone, microphone and Apple Pay. According to the developer, he got full access to the file system hacked hours, including an sqlite3 database of messages, call history, contacts, and email.

Batali noted that his work will not stop and will continue to work on the possibility of obtaining synchronized data from iPhone as well as on creating various tweaks for the Apple Watch.

During the presentation, jailbreak its Creator said nothing about the possible public release of a hacking tool for Apple Watch.

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