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The easiest way to free up space on your iPhone and iPad

As the well-known character – “Honey – it is a very strange thing. Only it is, as it is not right”. And with the memory of the iOS device, the only difference is that free space disappears not instantly. In any case, most iPhone and iPad users faced with the fact that at one point of free space on the gadget remains not how it was originally.

However, every problem has a solution. Including the shortage of memory space on your mobile device. You can certainly delete the installed games and applications or use the dedicated software to clean. But there is a simple and effective way. Today we’ll show you how simple and effective free up to 2 GB for iPhone and iPad.

How to free up space on iPhone and iPad:

Step 1: make Sure your gadget works on the operating system iOS 10. After that, go to Settings –> General –> Storage and iCloud –> Storage –> Manage.

Step 2: In the app list, locate the “Mail” view consumption data. This amount you can release is literally “one click”.

Step 3: go Back to desktop and delete the regular mail app of Apple. With the release of iOS 10 this can be done without jailbreak, as with any application from the App Store.

Step 4: Now open App Store and go to the Search tab.

Step 5: Write the string “Mail”, then install the remote application.

Step 6: Run the “Mail” and specify in the application settings of your account.

That’s all! This way you have cleared all the cache in the mail app of Apple. To verify this, you can go back to Settings –> General –> Storage and iCloud –> Storage –> Manage.

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