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Apple’s Siri will turn into a “smart” autotoolset for iPhone

Apple working on new features personal assistant Siri. According to Bloomberg, in the near future technology will be able to decipher Voicemail messages and send them as SMS to the smartphone user. The newspaper calls the function “iCloud Voicemail”.

“Here’s how it works: when someone will not be able to get through to the user, Siri will pick up the phone instead, proposing to leave a voice message. iCloud Voicemail will have information about where the user p why can’t answer the call. But the most interesting feature of the service is that Siri will translate incoming calls in text messages that the user can read on your smartphone”.

The main objective of the iCloud features Voicemail is to allow the caller to leave a message to the user if for some reason he can’t answer the call. People will be able to listen to the message and call back caller to the subscriber at any time.

However, unlike a simple personal call answering, voice mail, Apple will refer to the message as a text message: to read, to copy, store in an appropriate place, to send to other subscribers, etc.

In addition to voice mail personal assistant Siri will receive a number of new features in iOS 9. In the new OS technology with a better understanding of what the user, and outputs the result faster. Assistant became smarter and in other aspects, for example, to get the answer, don’t even have to ask the question. Now Apple calls Siri “action wizard”.

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