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Gold Apple Watch daughter of Vladimir Solovyov spawned the meme “introduce yourself, scum”

On the background of the history around the watch the President’s press Secretary Peskov, the daughter of TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov found gold Apple Watch. An expensive accessory drew the attention of Twitter users.

It all started with the fact that blogger with the nickname @Neiswestnij appreciated epplovskie watch daughter Soloviev, whose photo journalist himself posted on the personal Instagram. Judging by the photos, this is the Apple Watch Edition, which costs in the official Apple store is 1.12 million.

The user asked, “what income watch was purchased” and noted that they were “not too cheap”. The dialogue was busy. Vladimir Solovyov, who was deeply offended by such insinuations, in a rude manner said user.

“Solovyov boils”, — commented on @Neiswestnij the reaction of the presenter. Vladimir Solovyov twice called his Internet companion “pond scum” and was overwhelmed by the anonymity demanded opponent to introduce myself. Thus was born the new meme: “introduce yourself, scum”.

It is worth noting that Vladimir Solovyov himself is a user of the Apple Watch. Recent editions of the author’s program on “Russia-1” appears in “Apple” novelty.

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