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Unboxing and review of the Magic Trackpad 2 [video]

In addition to an updated iMac this week Apple introduced a new wireless keyboard Magic Keyboard and an updated Magic mouse and Magic trackpad. A whole range of wireless peripherals is now equipped with a built-in rechargeable batteries instead of replaceable batteries.

The Magic trackpad is the second generation to use the Force Touch technology on desktop computers. Technology opens up new ways of interacting with the operating system, including pressing with force on the word to find out its value on the file to instantly view or on the address to view the map.

Four sensor under the trackpad surface is sensitive to pressure changes make the use more convenient and more efficient and ensure even greater immersion in the content. Unlike the first model Magic Trackpad 2 perceives the same clicking at any point on the touch panel.

The glass surface of the Magic Trackpad 2 became almost 30% more compared to the previous model. With this design and lower-profile gestures scrolling and swiping easier.

Magic trackpad 2 automatically creates a pair with the Mac and ready to use immediately. Accessory enough to connect to the computer using the cord to charge and the last should connect automatically. The accessory can operate without recharging for a month or more, and fully charged in two hours.

Magic Trackpad 2 is the most expensive accessory in the range of new solutions peripheral the Apple. For touch panel support Force Touch will have to pay 10 500 rubles. Keyboard Magic Keyboard is available at a recommended price 8 700 rubles, and the Magic mouse 2 — 6 500 rubles.

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