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Apple received a patent for an iPhone that can bend and twist

The publication Patently Apple discovered the patent Department of the USA a new application from Apple, describing a mobile device with a flexible screen. The document was registered on 25 September 2014 and issued on may 3, 2016.

The title of patent No. 9332113 worded as follows: “a Mobile electronic device with an adaptive responsive flexible display”. Described in the patent, the product responds to a deformation of the flexible screen, and other gestures”. In particular, warp is used to load the next portion of information from the server over the wireless network.

The documents are listed and other operating principles and features of functioning of the gadget: “Turn the phone forward, if you want to view video stored in the device memory. The scrolling speed can be controlled by twisting. If you skipped the desired fragment, enough to make a reverse movement until such time as the information you need will not come to the fore”.

Manufacturing technology of smartphones requires a flexible rubber body, flexible display, as well as brand new battery packs, printed circuit boards and other internal components that can withstand without damage the mechanical stresses occurring in the deformation.

About when the market may appear similar to the iPhone, in Cupertino do not indicate. Moreover, this is not the first patent of this kind. Last year the company registered the patent of “Electronic device with a collapsible display, which is the iPhone, consisting of a glass base around which is wrapped a flexible AMOLED display.

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