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Apple working on Apple Watch for over $4 billion

Publishing quarterly reports, Apple usually refers to the number of sold smartphones, tablets and computers. However, the manufacturer never said the number of sold “smart” clock Apple Watch . According to CEO Tim cook, this information is “sensitive” from the point of view of competition. Your data on this occasion shared by the head of the analytical company Global Equities Research Trip Chaudhry.

According to experts, in 2015 fiscal year, Apple sold 7.6 million copies of Apple Watch at an average price of $530. Thus, the American giant computer electronics is earned on the new device over $4 billion.

The analyst expects that in 2016 fingado will be sold over 43 million Apple Watch, and by the end of the next fiscal year sales will increase to 68 million units. If the average price tag for smart watch will remain at $530 million, in the next two years the Corporation will help in the implementation of gadgets $23 and $36 billion.

The forecast Trip Chaudhry explains the alleged similarity of the dynamics of demand for Apple Watch that iPhone has. Sales of this smartphone in the first year since launch (2007) reached 1.4 million, and last financial year this unit in different generations sold in the amount of 170 million units.

According to Trip Chaudhry, his research showed that users abandon Android because this operating system is incompatible with Apple Watch. While every tenth buyer of the latest generation iPhone also gets a “smart” watch Apple.

Communicating after the publication of the financial report with analysts of investment companies during the telephone conference call, Tim cook called the Apple Watch “promising” category of products. He said that sales of the device have increased compared with the previous quarter, and the range of colors case and strap has been expanded.

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EMerite a recent study showed that after a brief acquaintance with the Apple Watch, people’s interest in this gadget is only growing. In General, the reaction of users to the first smart-hours of Apple is estimated as positive, even if initially the person was skeptical.

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