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Apple held the largest sports research in the history

Journalists from Men’s Health has been in the fitness lab Apple, where engineers are testing the Apple Watch and collect data for future versions watchOS.

Journalists managed to talk with Jay Blahnik, responsible for the development of athletic features for the Apple Watch.

“In our lab to collect more data about activity and exercise than any other in the world. This is the largest study in history. Over the past 5 years we have had 33 000 training sessions, writing more than 66 000 hours of data. The survey covered 10,000 people. Standard research involves no more than 100 people.”

Representatives of Men’s Health are also discussed Blahnik new feature for watchOS 4 – motivational messages.

“Our goal is to create a simple tool for people that will allow them to cheer and inspire each other,” explained Blahnik. “That is why we have now added the phrases like “Wow” and “You tonight”. I share information about my activity with twenty different people, and every time I see someone else’s achievement, it motivates me to train even harder. Moreover, it is quite a fun way to keep in touch with friends is to send them inspiring messages.”

At first glance, the changes that Apple has made in watchOS, minimum. In fact, their system is much more than it seems, especially if you use the watch for sports. It seems that Apple have decided, why the need for the Apple Watch, and sent all the forces to develop the fitness component of the gadget.

watch OS 4 will be available for download this fall. The update will bring the system in sync with sports simulators, a new tool to interact with other users and new types of exercises.

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