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Apple will restrict the ability of macOS Server

When Apple announced that it plans to change some of the functionality of macOS Server, a popular application for creating servers.

The company confirmed that part of the services is hidden in the spring of 2018.

macOS Server is focused on managing computers, devices, and storage systems in your network. Therefore, the application functionality will be somewhat limited. Part of the services is hidden in the spring of 2018. But only for new users. Those who have already set up the servers like calendar, will be able to continue to use them, but temporarily.

In the future these services will be permanently deleted, so anyone who rely on them, you should look for an alternative solution.

In the spring of Apple “disconnect”:

  • the calendar server,
  • server contacts
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • the mail server
  • NetInstall,
  • VPN
  • web servers,
  • Wiki.

macOS Server is separate from the user macOS server system, first released in 1999. Later, both systems were combined, and the server component is moved to a macOS Server app in the Mac App Store.

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