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Lost in Laos iPod publishes private photos of Buddhist monks

American tourist Scott herder found in your account in iCloud personal photos of Buddhist monks once lost my iPod in Laos. Unexpected photo shoot for the owner of gadget news Agency Xinhua.

Herder and could not imagine that the lost iPod will give him an amazing opportunity to look at life through someone else’s eyes. However, he now regularly receives photos from a lost device. Data is automatically synchronized via a cloud service Apple, and the new owners of the gadget seems to not know about this feature.

At first, Scott didn’t know where on his iPhone appeared an unusual shots. But then he remembered that, traveling to Laos, he left in one of the restaurants in your iPod touch. In one of the photos he saw a monk, presumably, went to the city.

Scott called the stranger “by a monk who lives in my phone” and don’t stay mad at him. On some photos the monks grimace, and take a ridiculous pose.

Up to this point, herder received over 350 new photographs from a lost iPod. A tourist is looking for an opportunity to meet the author of the images.

I must say that this is not the first case when using iCloud, users can receive messages from your lost device. So, after the theft of a smartphone American Matt Stopera began to come pictures Chinese on the background of the tangerine tree. The users helped to find a new iPhone owner and contact them.

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