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McDonald’s filmed a parody of Apple is to announce a “revolutionary wines” [video]

McDonald’s released a promo video of the new tubes for a cocktail at the style of advertising Apple. In the video, says the company turned to engineers from companies NK Labs Design and JACE, who previously worked in different projects, Google and NASA, to create an innovative straw that allows to drink double-layered mint-chocolate shake, Shamrock Shake.

Conventional tube not allows you to experience all the flavors layered shakes, but it is possible if give it the shape of the letter “J” and add a few holes to suck multiple layers simultaneously, the company said. The solution to this problem became the task of engineers.

As a result, experts have developed a straw STRAW with three holes that will allow you to drink both layers at the same time in perfect proportions. During the work the creators have tested the prototype on 100 cocktails, making additional changes in its design.

According to the chief engineer of the project — the employee of NK Labs Seth Newberg, the task was much more difficult than it might seem at first glance.

“My first reaction was the thought that it should be pretty straightforward, he says. — We only need to put into the cocktail from two straws one long the other shorter. That’s the solution, I thought. But we soon realized that in this case there is a problem: if such a double straw dipped in a glass only half, one of the tubes will start to suck air. This is one of those tasks that at first seem very simple, but can also cause a lot of problems,” said Newberg.

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TRAW really exists. McDonald’s produced about 2000 tubes new sample. Soon they will begin to distribute to the buyers of the Shamrock Shake cocktail. If the idea will appeal to a visitor, the company will launch mass production.

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