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Apple will allow you to embed Google ads in Apple News

Apple will be allowed to use ad units in the Google news aggregator of Apple News, reports AdAge. According to the plan of the company, it will help to increase the popularity of the service among the publishers.

Apple News first appeared in iOS 9 in 2015, but has since failed to become really popular. Moreover, according to analysts, publishers are moving away from the service. The problem was the inability to use existing monetization tools and content management.

To change the trend, Apple decided to go for a custom pitch for yourself. In the near future, publishers will have the opportunity to monetize articles in Apple News using the familiar tools of DoubleClick by Google.

In June, Apple introduced a number of innovations in the Apple News. Publishers have become available demographic data about users, introduced enhanced support of ad formats. In addition to opening access to the advertising service of Google, Apple plans to provide an additional mechanism of monetization, for example, microtransactions, when the reader is directly in the service may pay for extended coverage.

These steps are intended to make working with Apple News more convenient and familiar. Meanwhile, the popular publication The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Dow Jones created the “Alliance of news media” and are going to change the established order of things, when the giants Facebook and Google are getting the lion’s share of revenues from content generated by the media.

At the moment the share of Facebook and Google in the us market of digital advertising is about 70%.

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