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Indonesia blocked the first Telegram. Who’s next?

The government of Indonesia has restricted the access to Telegram. Local Internet providers received a letter with request to block access to 11 domains messenger.

“It’s true (Telegram was blocked), we are currently preparing a detailed explanation,” — said the representative of the Ministry of communications and information technology Nur Iza.

The decision is due to the fact that a Telegram-channels distribute prohibited content, including advocating radical views and terrorism. In addition, some of them can be found instructions for making explosives.

Power can completely block the application if Pavel Durov will not disclose the technology for work with illegal content distributed through the messenger, the message reads. According to Indonesian authorities, the Telegram could threaten the country’s security, as it does not disclose information about illegal content.

Indonesian Internet users have started to complain about the unavailability of the messenger on Friday afternoon. One user provided a screenshot, according to which the app has been banned for violation of the local “Law on information and electronic transactions” (UU ITE). Blocked was as the main web version of the messenger ( and a number of other owned domains (,, and so on).

As he wrote to the actor on Twitter, he was not notified of the intention to restrict access to Telegram. “That’s strange. We have never received any queries or complaints from the government of Indonesia. We’re investigating this situation and will make an official statement,” he said.

In June, the Telegram lock threatened in Russia. Roskomnadzor June 23 warned the administration and of messenger users that you can block it in Russia because of the lack of data for registration in the register of the organizers of disseminating information.

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Durov has provided the required information. At the same time, he refused “to comply with unconstitutional and technically impossible, the law of Spring” – “as well as other laws that are not compatible with the protection of private life and privacy policy Telegram”.

Inclusion in the state register and securing the messenger to the status of organizer of information distribution suggests the occurrence of very specific legal implications, including the storage of information in Russia, providing them to authorities, providing if necessary, access to equipment of the police. In addition, the law provides for the obligation “to provide information for decoding electronic messages” (encryption keys).

Thus, the agreement between Roskomnadzor and Durov does not guarantee that Telegram does not receive new requirements, and in the case of non-compliance – possible lock.

Previously Durov said on his page “Vkontakte” that no objection to adding a messenger to the registry, provided that the Roskomnadzor will not require access to the personal correspondence of users.

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